Ital Form - Tambler for marinating meat

2,000.00 €

  • Tumbler for marinating meat 
  • Manufacturer: Ital Form 
  • The machine is characterized by simple operation, easy cleaning, and maintenance as well as stability during operation 
  • It is suitable for factories dealing with meat processing, restaurants, kitchens, and other catering facilities 
  • Dimensions: 1000 × 460 × 920mm 
  • Electrical power: 0.2kW 
  • Delivery time is up to 35 working days from the moment of advance payment (100% advance) for goods that are not in stock. 
  • The deadline may be extended in certain cases due to the current situation caused by delays in the international transport of goods.

  • Model:Tambler za mariniranje mesa
  • Quantity in stock:
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